Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Italian Cycling Journal Contest Winner

From September 18th to October 31st we ran a contest for anyone submitting a ride story about Italy and which was published. The winner to be selected in a random drawing. The prize was a VELO-RETRO T-shirt of the winner's design/color/size.

The winner of random drawing was Martin Appel from München, Germany, who submitted a story about his L'Eroica ride. Martin selected the design of a conté crayon drawing by René "Pellos" Pellarin of a 1930s Tour de France rider on a black T-shirt:

VELO-RETRO offers unique T-shirt and musette designs, and reprints of catalogs. A website definitely worth a visit.

The owner of VELO-RETRO, Chuck Schmidt, also organizes a vintage bike ride which starts at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, the first Sunday of every month. More details at VELO-RETRO.

Stories for the Italian Cycling Journal welcome; contact me at There are more than 1,000 stories in this blog; the search feature to the right works best for finding subjects in the blog.

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