Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cycling Monuments, Memorials, Plaques, etc., Part II

Jac Zwart from Holland recently wrote to say that he had discovered the Italian Cycling Journal and was particularly interested in the under-construction entry entitled "Cycling Monuments, Memorials, Plaques, etc."

During the past 2 years Jac has been passionately looking for memorials of great riders and events from, in most cases, the past. When he had a collection of approximately 150 monuments from all over Europe he was able to find a publisher for his book, "Wielermonumenten - Reisgids door de geschiedenis van de wielersport". The English translation of the title is "Cycling Monuments - Travel Guide through the History of the Sport of Cycling"; the book is only available in Dutch.

His book includes 33 cycling monuments in Italy although his collection now includes 70 monuments now.

The criteria Jac uses to define a cycling monument are: 1) artistic value 2) related to sport and 3) for a person or an event. Plates of street names are outside those criteria.

Jac hopes to provide us with an occasional story and photos of the Italian memorials he has discovered.

The book's ISBN number is : 9789029565899

Photo: book cover with photos of the statue for Fausto Coppi in Agliana; Jac (in blue shirt) at a book signing

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