Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pellizotti Recons Giro's Stage 15

With 200 days to go to stage 15 of the 2010 Giro d'Italia, Franco Pellizotti (3rd in the Giro and the winner of the Tour de France polka dot jersey in 2009) did a 70 km reconnaissance ride of the stage with some cycling pros plus 90 amateurs. The recon took in the Passo Duron but stopped short of the Passo Zoncolan. During the race the 218 Km Stage 15 from Mestre to Monte Zoncolan will include, in this order: Sella Chianzutan (955 m), Passo Duron (1069 m), Sella Valcalda (958 m), and Monte Zoncolan (1730 m, 10.1 km in length,1, 1200 m of elevation gain, average grade 11.9 maximum grade 22%).

"It was not my first time on the Passo Duron" said Pellizotti. "This is a very challenging climb, about 5-6 miles, with gradients of up to 19 percent, and arriving at an altitude of 1069 meters. The beginning is hard, in the middle it moderates but remain challenging, and the last mile is back to 15 percent. When you take it, is narrow, then widens, then narrows. A beautiful road. I did it in an agile gear, a 39x27."

Pellizotti's last race of the season was the mid-September Tour of Missouri. Since then he's been on vacation. His training, on the bike and in the gym, for the 2010 season begins approximately one week from now. Saying that his training for 2010 should follow 2009 by beginning calmly, "I found myself well, I gained important results. My intention is to ride the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France again."

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  2. Hey, that's in my neck of the woods. I rode Sella Chianzutan a few weeks ago- but they're doing it in the easy direction, from San Francesco. Then again, I didn't do Passo Duron, Sella Valcalda, and Monte Zoncolan the same day. That's nuts!