Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2011 Campagnolo Record, Chorus, Athena

Following on the previous update on Super Record for 2011 here is the information for the 11 speed groupsets of Record, Chorus, and Athena for 2011:

Improved details to enhance control performance.
At Campy Tech Lab™ they have been working in this direction, reducing weight and improving performance. A new front air intake and a new design will make your bike look more aggressive and confident.
WEIGHT 337 g.

Red and white colors will immediately gain your attention, but the real surprise comes with the first shift; precise, extremely fast and with no hesitation. The new design in XPSSTM downshifting and up-shifting actuations have been designed and upgraded to offer the best possible shifting, even under extreme conditions of use.
WEIGHT 683 g. with BB

It's the soul of the new 11v Record™ transmission!
Carbon fiber outer plate and cage plate. Upper and lower aluminum bodies are black, giving this shifting system - preferred by pros - a more aggressive look.
WEIGHT 172 g.

It is one of the essential components - together with the chainrings and the cassette - of the exceptional Record™ 2011 groupset.
Thanks to Ultra Shift™ technology, the derailleur cage is more rigid, while body and frame adjustment components cause the derailleur to be faster and more decisive.
WEIGHT 74 g.

In competition every little detail counts; that´s why steel and titanium were used when producing Record™ sprockets. The perfect teeth design results in a perfect synchronization between shifting and chain movement.
The six larger sprockets are divided in triplets, which are mounted on special frames to increase rigidity.
WEIGHT 201 g.

Pros are the everyday testing ground for the chain fitted on all advanced Record™ 11 and Super Record™ 11 groups.
Links and pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to gears and sprockets teeth providing maximum fluidity, reduced friction and improved chain life.
WEIGHT 239 g.

Following professional cyclists means meeting all their needs. This is why Campagnolo® has designed two Record™ brake options.
An extra pivot has been added to the standard single pivot rear version for those who want an immediate and decisive brake response. Braking power results from both our Skeleton design and the new brake shoe combination. The shoe holder allows for better regulation and helps to improve the friction surface.
WEIGHT 278 g.

You can grasp the Chorus™ Ergopower™ controls any way you want: you'll always feel safe and responsive.
The ergonomic design of the Ergopower™ body now made of a lighter and stiffer material enables you to grip the controls more firmly. The brake lever with double curvature and the classic double lever of the brake/shifter controls guarantee efficient braking in all conditions and easier operation.
WEIGHT 337 g

X.P.S.S.™ (eXtreme Performance Shifting System), the acronym that refers to the most efficient system ever, lets you shift with extreme speed and incredible precision. At first glance, the Chorus™ 2011 crankset does not show any changes. But actually there is plenty of news hidden behind the new look. The chainrings have been completely redesigned. The new teeth design plus the new 8 ascending and 2 descending zones of the chainring enable top-class performance.
WEIGHT 723 g. with BB

Chorus™ 11-speed's shifting precision is comparable to its older siblings Record™ and Super Record™. The design and geometry of the rear derailleur are exactly the same. The only difference lies in the materials used, which made it possible to keep a favorable price without lowering the performance levels. A groupset dedicated to competition like the Chorus™ 11-speed can't forego showing its true competitive spirit, and the carbon fiber front plate is the proof.
WEIGHT 186 g

This system is fast, responsive, and precise, and the chain shifts across chainrings with no hesitations. The Chorus™ 11-speed front derailleur, like all the others in the 2011 range, are compatible with standard crank sets and the Compact™ .The geometry of the fork and the movement of the front plate have been designed and optimized to obtain maximum performance when used with the other Campagnolo® 2011 components.

Every sprocket tooth has been designed to achieve the maximum synchronization, shifting speed, and silent operation.
The six larger sprockets have a double frame system for extreme torsional stiffness, so that operating precision is maintained even during shifting under stress. The surface treatment of the eleven steel sprockets assures longer component life, maintaining the maximum performance through time.
WEIGHT 230 g

Fluidity, smoothness, and noise reduction: the 5.5mm Chorus™ chain fully meets the quality and performance standards of the 11-speed™ groupsets. The strength of the treated steel links is absolute, and the Ultra-Link™ closure system guarantees safety and the long life of the chain.
WEIGHT 255 g

The new compounds dramatically improve braking, and the new lighter pad holders make replacement easier and faster.
Campagnolo® offers an extra option for the 2011 models: in addition to the classic front/rear brake differentiation for the maximum lightness and braking modulation, there is now also a dual pivot option available for the rear brake, for even more decisive and important braking. The choice is yours! (ed. note: brakes are in black finish now)

The Ergopower™ controls are made of aluminum, both the brake lever and the shift lever dedicated to controlling the rear derailleur and front derailleur cable.
A version in carbon fiber with core in light alloy is available as an option. The Athena™ controls employ Power-Shift™ technology, which enables multiple shifting (three gear cogs) upward and single shifting downward.
The comfort and safety are absolutely the point of reference of the market thanks to the ergonomic supports on the main body and the double curvature of the brake lever that enables an effective grip in any situation.
WEIGHT 372 g. alu & alu/carbon

The most evident changes are immediately noticed on the first shift. The new design of the chain up shift and downshift zones makes shifting extremely fast and precise.
The axle of Athena™ is the brand new Power Torque System™, which makes it possible to obtain very high values of torsional stiffness and efficient power transmission, without increasing the lateral bulk. The crankset is also available in the carbon fiber version that is more than 100 grams lighter.
WEIGHT 817 g. with BB; Carbon 726 with BB

The Athena™ rear derailleur has the same geometry as the top-of-the-range 11-speed models, and absolute precision is the result. The outer plate wraps around the upper and lower bodies in aluminum, eliminating any possible play and making the overall structure of the rear derailleur extremely stiff. The result is fast and precise shifting in all the gears. The pulleys are specially designed to reduce vibrations and make the drivetrain perfectly quiet.
WEIGHT 208 g

Thanks to the Ultra-Shift™ geometry of the cage typical of all the Campagnolo® 11-speed groupsets, the chain can move between the gears of the crankset with the maximum speed and precision in any situation, even when "chain crossings" are extreme or under stress.
The new Athena™ front derailleur is compatible with both standard and compact cranksets.

You'll be amazed at its silence, fluidness, and durability.
The Chorus™ 11s chain of 5.5mm width has been designed and constructed to guarantee riders the maximum in terms of safety and performance. The newly developed treated steel makes the links extremely resistant, and the Teflon™ surface treatment and Ultra-Link™ geometry make the chain smooth running and highly durable.
WEIGHT 255 g

The Athena™ groupset uses the Chorus™ sprockets. The Campy Tech Lab™ engineers have designed each single tooth to assure optimal drive train engagement along with fast and precise shifting.
The positioning of each sprocket has been designed to reduce friction to the maximum and make the pedal rotation silent and efficient. The six largest sprockets are mounted on separate frames, which increase their stiffness.
WEIGHT 230 g

Campagnolo's objective is to provide both professional and amateur cyclists with the best braking system possible, adapted to their riding style. There are those who prefer to always have the maximum power available (dual pivot on the front and rear), and those, on the other hand, who prefer more controlled and modulated braking, with the mono-pivot in place of the dual on the rear brake. The new lighter pad-holder makes replacing pads fast and secure.
WEIGHT 305 g

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  1. I bought a bike equipped with the new 2011 Athena group set, only to find out that unfortunately it is a downgrade compared to 2010 Athena. The new ergopower levers only allow one gear downshift in rear dérailleur and half (!) in front dérailleur (yes, you need two shifts to go from big to small chainring!)... Also, Power Torque 2011 is the system used in cheaper groupsets (Veloce etc), when the more expensive Chorus, Record 2011 utilize Ultra Torque (as did Athena 2010). Why they did that? Probably for marketing reasons, maybe they couldn't sell many Chorus groupsets, since Athena 2010 was identical and much cheaper ... The problem is that there is not a single review in the net explaining these changes from 2010 to 2011 and warning potential buyers ...

  2. @Haris: unfortunately, the exact changes don't become clear until after the announcements. It's good to read the Campagnolo forum at www.roadbikereview.com to keep up with the discussions about Campagnolo.