Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campagnolo Super Record, Revolution and Red

Campagnolo Super Record 11 just got better. From Campagnolo:

The whole new groupset weighs less than 1,900 grams and it includes components forged using state-of-the-art materials like carbon fiber and titanium. It is the most aggressive and best performing groupset ever built.

Dominate your bike at every turn, relax on the long straights, and prepare for the final sprint: whatever your racing position, ErgopowerTM controls, with the exclusive Campagnolo® mechanism allows you to shift up 3 sprockets at a time and down 5 sprockets. Make every movement natural, fast and precise. The Super Record™ series Ergopower Ultra-Shift™ controls, now also available with red or white hoods, are the top product in terms of technology applied to ergonomics ? all to the advantage of safety, speed and precision in using the controls. Your every wish is a command.
WEIGHT 330 g

Shifting to ''higher quality''; the new chainrings have 8 pins to lift the chain and 2 to lower it.
This whole re-designed system makes shifting from one chainring to the other very fast and efficient.
The result: faster and more precise shifting than ever before, a huge step forwards compared to the past.
CULT™ bearing technology guarantees a smooth and efficient pedaling action and a long lasting performance.
For those who only want the best and look for unique and exclusive components, the central pin crank set and titanium fixing bolts will offer a very unique bike.
WEIGHT 680 g. standard with BB ? 640 g. Titanium option with BB

The masterpiece of the 2011 Campagnolo® model range!
Speed, precision, smoothness and better looks: the first rear derailleur with carbon fiber upper and lower body will amaze even the most demanding of cyclists. Lower and upper bodies, outer plate, parallelogram: all carbon-made components.
The white '11' on the red rectangle printed on the carbon fiber gives the Super Record™ 2011 version a more aggressive and unique style.
WEIGHT 155 g.

The Super Record™ derailleur is light, fast and precise, thanks to the careful selection of materials and Ultra-Shift™ geometry that helps components perform at their best. Thanks to the new chainrings and chain design, the shifting system is much faster and more precise than ever.
WEIGHT 72 g.

Maximum performance and low noise with no compromise on components. With this in mind Campagnolo® engineers designed our Super Record™ sprockets with double frame on the last two sprocket triplets. This results in a more solid and lighter frame, thanks to the use of titanium in the 6 larger sprockets. The Ultra-Shift™ teeth design has been upgraded to make shifting faster, with perfect synchronization and to eliminate chain stress.
WEIGHT 177 g.

All your power is transmitted by the transmission component: the chain.
Super Record™ groupsets include Record™ chains: fast, long-lasting and safe. Links and pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to the teeth of chainrings and sprockets to reduce friction.
There is no power loss and component life is extended.
WEIGHT 239 g.

For a fast descent you need a safe and reliable braking system that is powerful and adjustable.
The Super Record™ system guarantees shorter braking distance and complete control of breaking power thanks to our Skeleton™ arm design and new brake pads.
In its standard version Campagnolo® offers the classic front brake Dual Pivot and rear brake Mono Pivot design to provide maximum braking power modulation.
But for those looking for the maximum braking power, even at the rear, Campagnolo® offers the rear brake Dual Pivot option.
WEIGHT 272 g.

More photos of Super Record 11 for 2011:

Information about Centaur and Veloce 10 speed for 2011 here.

Thank to readerArnoud for bring the Super Record 11 2011 information to my attention.

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  1. Just sent a message off to PASSONI to get it fitted to my bike for the ride home from Italy next month if its available.....

  2. No question in my mind that Campy delivers the best quality and the leading edge in function and design. I won't put anything but Campy's best on my bicycles so this is exciting news.