Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There is seemingly no end to the Italian framebuilders who names grace the downtubes of bicycles. Many are well known. Others are relatively unknown, their stories waiting to be told. In the latter category are the frames by Messori.

A reader of ICJ sent photos of his green Messori seeking more information. Note the brazed on logos.

Messori also created a track bike with every tubeset carved out (see photos). One story has it that it was Messori who introduced this concept to Faliero Masi who then used it for the chainstays in the Masi "Fiera" bike(s) in 1974.

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  1. Seems ol' Masi was a keen observer and had no problems "borrowing" ideas from others. Our friend Serafino Tomi told many stories of ideas he claimed were HIS or others ending up on MASI bicycles later with MASI somehow taking the credit for inventing them.

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