Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New De Rosa Model for 2011: R848 or "Vega"

A completely new model in the De Rosa lineup for 2011 has been on display in Italy. The caption of photos taken by Cicli Balduzzi identify the bike as a "Vega 848". The photos of the graphics on the bike show "R848".

Interestingly, the R848 designation is that of a frame produced by XPACE INDUSTRIAL, LTD., model R848, that was on display at the Taipei International Cycle Show. XPACE is a specialist bicycle manufacturer based in Xiamen, China. The frame description says, "Featuring Xpace's BioSP biometric specific profiles." See photo and description here. NOTE: by October these links produced an error message. This works now: www.xpa-cycling.com

ADDENDUM: The following post by Trialtir, the De Rosa importer in the USA, appeared in a bike forum in December 2012:
"Pretty obvious I'm the De Rosa importer. I don't hide behind a moniker like so many others on these forums that work for other bike companies trying to look like a consumer. Yes, De Rosa does make frames in Italy and Taiwan. I'm even proud enough to list them as we are not ashamed of being able to offer Asia De Rosa spec at a lower price point all riders can afford:

Italy -
1) Protos
2) King RS
3) Ti 3.25
4) All Steel
5) Team Alloy
6) All Custom - which includes carbon, steel, ti and alloy

Taiwan -
1) Super King
2) Merak Evo
3) 838
4) 848
5) Milanino line

Say what you want about me for being honest and posting under my company name Trialtir who also happens to be the importer. De Rosa makes some of the finest bikes on the planet and I'm happy to let people know my opinion."

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  1. So these aren't made in Italy any longer? Is that what the tag would mean? Looks beautiful though.

  2. Your interpretation is correct, at least for this model. For the others? Who knows.

  3. Not the end of the world, but having recently returned from a short Italy visit, I feel like it's worth something to me to have a frame made in Italy. Nothing against Asia--just love the idea of generations following a framebuilding tradition....

  4. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I used to lust after a DeRosa but now they're just another company making bikes. I think it's a shame so many Italian companies feel the need to offshore their production.

  5. It used to said that all DeRosa frames were made in Italy. Sadly, that no longer appears to be true as DeRosa follows so many other famous Italian bike makers with frames made in Asia.

  6. I'm pretty sure it's not possible to make carbon-fiber frames of high quality in Italy as the factories simply don't exist. Why would DeRosa build an entire high-tech factory to produce a small portion of its catalogue at a price three or four times higher than what they can get it for from China? They wouldn't be able to compete with the other companies. As far as I know all high quality carbon-fiber frames are made in just 3 or 4 factories in China and Taiwan and, as we all know, they are beautiful.

  7. my carbon frame is made here at home in Australia teschner SL9

  8. A De Rosa that is made in China?!?!? China strikes again! Part of De Rosa's appeal was that it was made by Italian Craftsmen that trace back their work to the very beginning of pro cycling. A sad end to a great name "De Rosa".