Friday, December 9, 2011

“Pedala con i Campioni”

The 12th edition of the "Pedala con i Campioni" (Ride with the Champions) was held yesterday, as it is every December 8th since 2000, in Brinzio (Varese). 2,000 cycling fans subscribed to the 45 km social ride with Ivan Basso, Oscar Freire Gomez, Luca Paolini, Giorgia Bronzini, Noemi Cantele , Valentina Carretta, Fabio Felline, Massimo Codol, Edoardo Girardi, Luca Zanasca, and Roberto Damiani, and former professionals Tupak Casnedi, Simone Zucchi, Dario Andriotto, Daniele Nardello and Stefano Zanini.

After the conclusion of the ride there was the traditional ristoro followed by a drawing for signed jerseys.

Three trophies were awarded to the cycling clubs with the most participants. The winners were Funtos Bike (accepting 1st place trophy, Stefano Zanini in Pedala con i Campioni jersey) followed by Marnatese and Ju Sport.

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