Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photo: Pinarello Dogma2 with Campagnolo EPS: $16,500

Photo of the limited edition version of the Pinarello Dogma2 bike equipped with Campagnolo's new electronic gruppo, Electronic Power Shift. Fifty examples of these Dogma2s equipped with the Super Record version of EPS will be available in the U.S. at $16,500 (retail price, with Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Dark wheelset).

More information and photos at Bikerumor.

Photo (click to enlarge): Bikerumor

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  1. Wow! That's a lotta dough for a toy. But how much does a current Ducati 1198 cost? Or even the cheapest Ferrari? Larry used to rant about the prices of these modern bikes but is gradually coming around to the idea that the value of the US dollar is as much a factor as anything else. But of course he's biased as for that same dough one could join us in Italy for our Legendary Climbs tour AND bring their spouse AND still have money left over, not to mention the wonderful memories!

  2. $16grand?? That's one bike you'll want to be very careful of when you put it on the roofrack and drive under the height barriers with to get into car parks on race days!

  3. But how much does a current Ducati 1198 cost? MSRP for the 1198 is $16,495; for the new 1199 it's $17,995. I'll leave it up to you to decide which would get my money.

    I have to agree with Larry, the prices of new bikes is a bit crazy.

  4. Scott - we risk the wrath of the bike industry when we suggest you spend that money (actually less as we pointed out)on joining us (or even one of our fine competitors)for a cycling vacation in Italy. But for us (backed up by plenty of research we've seen)purchasing an experience results in more satisfaction than buying "stuff" even if it's as gorgeous as a new Ducati. As someone once said, "when you look back upon your life, do you remember the things you bought, or the things you DID?"

  5. Larry and Heather - I suppose I risk the wrath as well but I'm with you 100%. But then, until this year my main ride was a '92 Ciöcc with 8sp Ergo. Don't worry, the new bike is steel as well. :-) Although I will say that my Ducati provides plenty of pleasure also and it's almost as old as the Ciöcc.
    Perhaps one day I will join you for one of those trips...I'd love to spend a week or two on the bike in Italy.