Friday, July 6, 2012

Deda Elementi 35 for the "Gorilla" Greipel

Andre Greipel is using Deda Elementi's TRENTACINQUE (35) combination of stem and handlebar at the Tour de France. The powerful German, nicknamed the "Gorilla", can generate more than 1300 watts in a sprint so a stiff handlebar and stem combination is of utmost importance.

Deda Elementi, part of the Deda Group which includes Dedacciai, says that their 35mm handlebar shows a 50% greater stiffness than a normal 31.7 mm handlebar. "Subjecting a normal 31.7 mm diameter handlebar and a handlebar with a 35 mm diameter to the same load (300N applied at the outsides of the drops) imagining them centrally clamped to their own stems, we get a maximum deflection of the 31.7 mm diameter handlebar of 3.318 mm, compared with a recorded maximum deflection of the 35 mm diameter handlebar of 1.609 mm. A difference of 1.709 mm corresponding to a 51.5% increase in stiffness. The data collected are the result of FEM tests."

Through the years the size of handlebars for racing bikes has continued to grow in search of greater stiffness:
25.4 ISO standard)
26.0 Italian standard
26.4 Cinelli standard
27.0 Titan
31.8 current standard for carbon handlebars
35.0 Deda

For more details about the Deda Elementi 35 visit

"Gorilla" legs

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