Monday, September 9, 2013

Alé: New Cycling Clothes Brand by APG of Verona

Verona based APG, a leader in technical cycling clothes, launches a new brand. APG, after having developed hundreds of products and having worked for the most prestigious international brands over thirty years, has decided to launch their own brand that relies on an unmatched experience.

Alessia Piccolo, APG general manager, explains the choice of the name for the new brand: “There isn't incitement easier and more widespread, you hear it all the time, shouted by fans to incite cyclists during the race, but it is also the most popular incitement among amateurs cyclists to incite each other when fatigue begins to be felt. It joins all: the effort, the passion, the joy. It has an optimistic connotation that looks forward. For this reasons we thinks that "Alé" is the right name for a brand that, according to the philosophy of APG, wants to look ahead, but, at the same time, wants to be for everyone, pros and amateurs”.

Pro debut of new brand at Giro Rosa

Product intro at Eurobike
Contact information:
A.P.G. srl
Via Marco Biagi 1
37060 Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR) Italia
tel.+39 045 6655175

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  1. Excellent design, I like the look of the new cycling clothes. When cycling I think people underestimate just how much of a difference good cycling clothing makes to the rider.

    The clothing not only looks the part, will no doubt be very comfortable and beneficial to both amateur and pro cyclists.

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