Monday, September 2, 2013

The De Rosa 60th Anniversary Bicycles

Click on images to enlarge. More details for each model, all of which will be custom made in Italy, at Each frame carries the "Sessanta" label for "sixtieth".
"1953, Steel: For enthusiasts of this noble material, the bike is made only from steel. A resistant material. De Rosa has 60 years of history in the processing of steel. We know all its virtues and know how to get the best out of it. For this reason, even after 60 years, each steel frame is like it is the first frame for us."

"1992, Titanium: The material. Full stop. To work titanium requires specialist knowledge and skill. This knowledge and skill that De Rosa has developed in almost 20 years makes each frame an aesthetic and performance work of art."

"1996, Aluminium: There are many aluminium alloys that are utilized and in De Rosa we use only the best. Aluminium represents a turning point in frame manufacturing, giving the possibility of developing new frame concepts, thanks to its ductility, lightness and resistance. We still believe in aluminium."

"2000, Carbon: The reference material for all current frames. Rigid, light, resistant, reactive and comfortable. Carbon fibre is without doubt the present and the future of cycling. De Rosa proposes a blend of hi-modul carbon, the fibres of which are hand-layered in our workshop in Cusano."

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