Thursday, September 18, 2008

PA: A Visit to Tom Kellogg of Spectrum Cycles

September 18th: I persuaded my friend Calvin to come along on a drive to Breinigsville, PA to see Tom Kellogg of Spectrum Cycles ( about painting my Jamie Swan frame.

Tom Kellogg, Spectrum founder and president, began building frames under the Spectrum name in 1982. In 1985 Tom employed Master framebuilder and long-time friend Jeff Duser. Today the Spectrum facilities are housed in a 175-year-old stone barn located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley. Tom and Jeff continue to dedicate themselves to the design and construction of the finest custom steel and titanium frames and bicycles available. In addition, they offer painting, restoration, repair, and other custom services.

We spent 2 hours discussing paint choices, framebuilding, and the Mario Confente MASI restoration that was being picked up by the owner who purchased it in 1975 for $550.00.

We left the Jamie Swan behind. The typical wait time is 6 months (!) but Tom said it might be ready in 4 months.

Photos: driveway to the barn, the 175 year old barn where Tom works, Tom Kellogg, "Ken" who was picking up his Confente built Masi (which has a twin plate fork).

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