Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Role Reversal

By-in-large Italians are very quick to adopt the latest cycling technologies. As such, the interest in steel bikes, and artisan steel bikes, is much less than the U.S. At the Maratona dles Dolomites last year I only saw a handful of steel bikes out of 8,000 riders. Those that saw mine referred to it as "old school".

In the meantime, in the U.S. there has continued to be a strong sub-culture of riders interested in steel, lugged, frames. In the last few years that interest has intensified and now there are shows dedicated to artisan builders.

Now, in a reversal of roles, the Italians are coming back to building classic (well, perhaps with a nod to some modern touches) frames. Like an old suit, if you wait long enough it comes back in style.

Some of the steel, lugged, frames on display at Eurobike:






Others such as Cinelli, DeRosa, Tommasini never stopped and are continuing; also displaying at Eurobike.


  1. Where is the Colnago Master Extra Light with that beautiful Steel Precisa fork?

  2. There is nothing more beautiful on a bicycle than chromed lugs.