Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dedacciai STRADA Framesets

Back in October, 2009, we reported on the Dedacciai "BOLD" prototype that was on display at EICMA. The frame is characterized by oversized carbon everything with the exception of the seatstays which are titanium:

Now Dedacciai has decided to also become a frameset producer and the "BOLD" prototype has become the "Temerario" frame.

In addition, the Dedacciai "Strada" range of frames includes three other carbon frames in their lineup (Scuro RS, Assoluto, and Nero RC) plus a Ti frame (Titanum K-19).

From their website, where you can see all the frames and their various colors:

"Dedacciai has finally decided to take its experience directly to the cycling world.
After 20 long years of strong work, of incessant research and most of all, of big passion, Dedacciai took the important decision to introduce itself to the biggest athletes and to the most demanding passionates....."

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