Sunday, April 25, 2010

Elite REALPOWER Trainer Contest

From Elite:
Fontaniva (PD), April 12th, 2010 - "Elite Sior presents a great opportunity for all two wheel fans. From March 1st to July 31st, 2010 when you buy a Sior water bottle cage you could win one Realpower (ed. note: see here) a month. That’s right, Realpower: the latest generation Elite electric trainer that can reach inclines of up to 20%, simulating all the sensations of an actual road race. To participate in the “Realpower every month” sweepstakes, just send proof of purchase of a Sior water bottle cage and a sentence describing what you liked most about this new entry in the Elite collection. Every month a winner will be announced on the website, and the Realpower roller will be sent directly to their home courtesy of Elite.

Sior is made in carbon fibre, guaranteeing high performance lightness and sturdiness. Thanks to its titanium structure, the water bottle is attached more firmly and can resist all the differences in terrain during competition. Inserting and extracting the water bottle becomes a simple operation, quick and safe, even during the most intense moments of a race. These enviable traits have made Sior the most widely used water bottle among professional teams.

The first Realpower has ended up in Girona, Catalunya, Spain, with a very happy Senor Manuel Dominguez Pereira, who was delighted with his prize. Congratulations, Manuel…happy pedalling with Sior and happy training with Realpower!

For information on rules and all sweepstakes details, visit our website: or click directly on: Promotion available in all the world excepted the UK."

Photos: Elite REALPOWER trainer, Sior water bottle cage

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  1. Nice prize, but the cost of entry is not cheap!

    But at least it not the other way round!