Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Officina Edoardo Bianchi Opens in Bergamo

The "Officina Edoardo Bianchi" store had its grand opening yesterday in the Portici del Sentierone in Bergamo. The store is a new concept for Bianchi where both passionate and recreational cyclists can find and buy the full Bianchi range of bicycles, parts and accessories, and clothing. The three level store was designed by architect Mario Rossini. All Bianchi fans will now have to visit Bergamo!

Grand opening photos:

RAI's Cassani, Salvatore Grimaldi,  Felice Gimondi
Gianni Bugno, Salvatore Grimaldi, Felice Gimondi, Bob Ippolito and Moreno Argentin  

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  1. Nice looking store! Are there ANY Bianchi bicycles made within a few hundred kms from where the store is or are they all Asian-made these days?

  2. Larry, i think the factory now only assembles bikes...

  3. That's very sad to read. An entire store devoted to the passion and history of the brand - but they're all now made in Asia, likely in a factory where brands with ZERO passion and history are also produced.

  4. While it's a case of global economics and costs that some of the lower range frames are now made in Asia (which maintain very good production and quality standards) I think you'll find the Reparto Corse frames are still proudly Made in Italy

  5. I don't think Reparto Corse exists anymore in the traditional sense of the frames actually being made in Italy but I would certainly like to be proven wrong.

  6. larry and heather: did you know you can have your own identity on the internet now? it's not like the mailbox on your house. also, why do you think that the asian product is not built with passion, by hand? you don't get that good at something without passion. as for history, have you noticed that giant, for one, has been in the TdF for decades? the attitude than only white europeans can have passion or make history is sad and short sighted.