Friday, June 22, 2012

Giada Borgato, New Women's Italian RR Champion

Giada Borgato, rider for team Diadora Pasta Zara-Manhattan, is the new women's Italian national road race champion. The 23 year old from the Veneto was a surprise winner. Borgato was part of a group of 12 riders that escaped after 60 km. The group included big names in Italian women's cycling such as  Noemi Cantele, Tatiana Guderzo, Eva Lechner,  Marta Bastianelli, Fabiana Luperini, and Giorgia Bronzini.  

Silvia Valsecchi was 2nd, and Marta Bastianelli was 3rd.

A month ago Borgato was ready to stop riding, saying, " After five years in the elite class I did not have any results yet.  I had a bad period when I was sick and then a big crash, I really wanted to give it all up. I wondered how I could find a job, not having even gone to college so I could race. My family has been instrumental in supporting me, they convinced me to stick it out, and now I can say that it was worth it."

First 1'30" of this video applies to this, women's elite, race:

Top 10:
1 BORGATO Giada Diadora - Pasta Zara - Manhattan 3.37.06
2 VALSECCHI Silvia Be Pink + 1.04
3 BASTIANELLI Marta GS Fiamme Azzurre + 2.47
4 CARRETTA Valentina MCipollini-Giambenini + 2.48
5 BACCAILLE Monia GS Fiamme Azzurre + 5.30
6 SCANDOLARA Valentina Sc Michela Fanini Rox + 5.30
7 GUARISCHI Barbara Fassa Bortolo-Servetto + 5.30
8 D'ETTORRE Alessandra Gruppo Sportivo Forestale + 5.30
9 TAGLIAFERRO Marta GS Fiamme Azzurre + 5.30
10 VANNUCCI Chiara Verso l'Iride Maccari Spumanti + 5.31.

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  1. I think I'm in love.

  2. She rides a FUJI Supreme LTD Team Edition.

  3. @Robbin: Thanks for pointing out which Fuji model.