Friday, June 1, 2012

The GIOS Historic Registry

This is a reminder that GIOS has a historic register where owners can submit their bikes to. At the moment the following are in the register (in order registered):
N.001-Aldo Gios-Gios Professional 1983
N.002-Hugo van Tienhoven-Gios Professional Chromed 1985
N.003-Riccardo Volpe-Gios Compact 40th 1988
N.004-Christophe Ricord-Gios Professional 1986
N.005-Michael Haddad-Gios Professional 1986
N.006-Giuseppe Scapola-Gios Super Record Pista 1980
N.007-Marco Gios-Gios Campione d'Italia 1959
N.008-Kevin Kruger-Gios Super Record 1982
N.009-Eric Acuna-Gios Super Record 1982
N.010-Dennis Stover-Gios Super Record 1979
N.011-Jack Gabus-Gios Super Record 1982
N.012-Ken Denny-Gios Super Record "R. De Vlaeminck" 1975
N.013-Philipp Schaetzle-Gios Super Record 1979
N.014-Michael Carney-Gios Super Record 1981
N.015-Peter Krawinckel-Gios Aerodynamic 1981
N.016-Timothy Rei-Gios Super Record 1982
N.017-Alberto Castelli-Gios Super Record 1979
N.018-Giorgio Deli-Gios Compact 1988
N.019-Hans Grootenboer-Gios Super Record 1978
N.020-John van Dam-Gios Super Record 1979
N.021-Jesus Alonso Lillo-Gios Aerodynamic 1981
N.022-Collezione Privata-Gios Compact 1987
N.023-Peter Keeley-Gios Professional 1984
N.024-Giuliano Molinari-Gios Super Record 1979
N.025-Tedi Daja-Gios Course Special 1969
N.026-Graham Edwards-Gios Professional 1986
N.027-Marco Giusti-Gios Super Record 1982
N.028-Bernd Hesse-Gios Super Record 1981
N.029-Roland Cogotti-Gios Super Record 1980
N.030-Michael Holst-Gios Professional 1985
N.031-Robert van Leusden-Gios Super Record 1982
N.032-Stefan "Speedbicycles"-Gios Record 1974
N.033-Stefan "Speedbicycles"-Gios Super Record 1979
N.034-Stefan "Speedbicycles"-Gios Super Record Pista 1982
N.035-Stefan "Speedbicycles"-Gios Record Cyclocross 1975
N.036-Paolo Ciaberta-Gios Professional 1984
N.037-Reinhold Wunderlich-Gios Professional 1985
N.038-Reinhold Wunderlich-Gios Super Record 1977
N.039-Fabio Granaro-Gios Super Record 1976
N.040-Stefan Sittig-Gios Super Record 1979
N.041-Leonidas Raftopoulos-Gios Super Record 1980
N.042-Jork Feeken-Gios Super Record 1979
N.043-Mario Damonte-Gios Record "Sercu" 1973

If you are the owner of a GIOS you can register it here. Note: Photos required
None=First name
Cognome: Last Name
Indirizzo mail: Email address
Modello:  GIOS model
Anno: Year
Musura: Measurement(s); center to top
Note: Comments
Stato: Select condition; conservata=original;  restaurata=restored
Photos required, each no more than 1 MB from the following angles:
-foto lato destro=full bike right side
-Congiunzioni tubo sterzo=head tube lugs including fork crown
-Congiunzione reggisella=seat tube lugs
-Sottoscatola del movimento=bottom of bottom bracket
-Forcellini posteriori=rear dropout

Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati personali, ai sensi del Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196. =click to accept privacy according to Italian law


Photo: replica of the 1977 Gios used by Roger De Vlaeminck, four time winner of Paris-Roubaix.

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