Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1998 Tour de France Positives, Pantani Included

The Frennch Senate Commission report is out with the following findings for the retroactive testing for EPO undertaken in 2004 from samples taken at the 1998 Tour de France:

Andrea Tafi, Erik Zabel, Bo Hamburger (twice), Laurent Jalabert, Marcos Serrano, Jens Heppner, Jeroen Blijlevens, Nicola Minali, Mario Cipollini, Fabio Sacchi, Eddy Mazzoleni, Jacky Durand, Abraham Olano, Laurent Desbiens, Marco Pantani , Manuel Beltran, Jan Ullrich (twice), Kevin Livingston (twice)

Ermanno Brignoli, Alain Turicchia, Pascal Chanteur, Frederic Moncassin, Bobby Julich, Roland Meier, Giuseppe Calcaterra, Stefano Zanini, Eddy Mazzoleni, Stephane Barthe, Stuart O'Grady, Axel Merckx.

In other words, all the podium finishers of the 1998 Tour were either positive or suspicious; Pantani and Ullrich positive, Julich suspicious.

The Senate ordered that no results would be stripped as a result of their report.

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