Saturday, March 10, 2007

E Sempre Cosi?

"Is it always like this?" Those were the words uttered about 10 minutes into today's Saturday morning Eros Poli ride by a new rider. Little did he know that the ride would only get faster.

It was a gorgeous day today with the temperature reaching 64F. The ride start times are now at 0830 and with the weather so nice everyone was frisky.

Eros, thankfully, takes mercy on us. He clearly is very relaxed while we are all working pretty good. Even though he has been out of the pro ranks for 8 years now he's obviously in another solar system when it comes to riding.

Good example: there is popular, short climb (short as in short for Italy, long for New Jersey) out of Bardolino called the "Pino". One of the the guys thought he would attack Eros and have some fun. Eros put it in the 53x17, then 53x15, and just ROCKETED uphill. The acceleration was so fast it was hard to fathom.

Once we did the climb we really motored back to Verona with Eros easily pulling us along. I'd guess the average on the way back was 23mph +. Not being sure it inspired me to finally get a new battery in my Mavic computer. I have a love/hate relationship with bike computers; most of the time I don't like to use one.

It looks like I'll be going to the TdF to watch some stages; more on that in the future. Also, Ms. E. bought a beautiful city bike today; I'll take some photos soon.

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