Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Nightmare of Mounting Michelin Axial Pro Tires

Michelin Axial Pro tires are well regarded so when a pair came on Italian ebay (another story for another day!) for 20 Euro I grabbed them. In a nice green sidewall no less, to compliment the green highlights on my Malagnini frame.

I've read endless stories about how hard Michelin tires can be to mount. Having changed many tires and tubes I figured, "How hard can it be?".

It was HARD! Bruised fingers and 3 tire irons later I had managed to get them on. Despite being careful I found a flat this morning; I must have damaged the inner tube. So, I had to do the front over again. It was a little easier this time as the tires had stretched just a little.

Looking forward to my ride on them tomorrow, and praying I don't have a flat.

Lately I've been using Schwalbe tires which have turned out to be terrific. Before that it was Continental tires. Both were easy to put on.

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