Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A View Inside the Gruppo 1 Sede ("HQ")

The cycling club I belong to, Gruppo 1, has its own sede (headquarters). It's modest but it's all theirs. The walls are covered with many of the awards the club has won at cycling events over 25 years.
On the far left you can see a large chart. Here they keep track of member participation in club activities such as the club rides and the UDACE radunos. They have this interesting concept of applying a formula for discounting the next year's due based on the number of activities you participated in during the course of the year.

There is also a fully equipped kitchen so often there are luncheons or dinners to celebrate one thing or another. The Gruppo 1 club is certainly the club that eats the best in Verona province!

Photo: a recent dinner starting with the appetizers. On this occasion Eros Poli was visiting (all white shirt); to his right is his long time trainer, Elio.

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