Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andy Hampsten's Favorite Road On The Planet

Andy Hampstgen on his favorite ride:

"My favorite ride is a 12 kilometer section of road between Sassetta (Livorno), my home village, and Suvereto. It drops three hundred meters and there’s not one straight-away, it’s all turns but no hairpins. One day I counted 287 turns, the locals hate it because it’s so twisty and turny. It’s my favorite road on the planet. I’ve lived on that road for 29 years or so and I like it more every time I ride it."

Google map link here.

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Photo: Sassetta

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  1. One of our favorite roads is the one between Orvieto and Todi in Umbria. Not the valley road full of trucks but on that runs high on a ridge with gorgeous scenery all around. A gentle climb going away from Orvieto, lots of rolling twisty bits come next followed by a fun descent before the short climb up to Todi where (hopefully) a porchetta panino is waiting!

  2. Random read:
    I wish we had something other than arrow-straight roads here in North Dakota.

  3. Angelo, will you take me riding here dude?