Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giro: There Will Be Podium Girls in Amsterdam

Angelo Zomegnan (director of the Giro d'Italia) has been busy nipping in the bud any suggestions about "podium guys" at the prologue in Amsterdam. Zomegnan said, "We will choose 'le miss'. The winner of the prologue in the next Giro will be celebrated by two podium girls selected by the race organizer of the Corsa Rosa. I don't know anything about a contest, it's not authorized by us. The podium girls will be Italian and we will bring them from Italy."

Zomegnan was responding to a Dutch politician that argued that the winner of the prologue of the Giro d'Italia in Amsterdam this year should be greeted not by the usual podium girls but by podium guys. "In a city like Amsterdam, known as the gay capital, it would be nice not to have two beautiful misses, but two fine misters,” Marco de Goede of the GroenLinks party argued Wednesday at a city council meeting, according to Reuters. “Do not let a beautiful lady with long legs present the pink jersey award to the winner of the prologue, but a man with a broad chest. Or a drag queen,” he suggested. “A 'Miss' is hopelessly outdated and sexist.” Local TV stations and AT5 RTV Noord-Holland had organised a competition to select the possible podium presenters.

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