Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shaping the 2012 Giro d'Italia

Mauro Vegni, who is part of the new leadership team for the Giro d'Italia, will be instrumental in shaping the corsa rosa. He recently gave his first interview in which he revealed some points (of course, most of the plans still remain secret) regarding the 2012 Giro d'Italia.

-a more "moderate" race than in past editions,
-greater consideration for the riders and their fatigue,
-transfers between stages will be very limited,
-there will be an equal amount of elevation gain but the ascents will be placed at the right times,
-the Stelvio will be included with a mountain top finish, not as an individual time trial,
-the Mortirolo could be included,
-one of his goals is to attract at least 3 of the 5-6 riders that are capable of winning a major stage race; Contrador is not expected to return as he wants to win another Tour and about Evans it is unknown at this time if he will return,
-he wants to attract riders such as Gilbert, Cancellara, and Hushovd; and of corse, there will be sprint stages for the sprinters,
-he is studying how there can be a lasting memory to Wouter Weylandt who died after a crash on Stage 3,

During the interview Vegni was asked about the elimination of the Crostis in this year's edition and the resulting scandal. His reply, "After the stage in Orvieto I left to go to Friuli to view the ascent and descent. I was impressed by the work done. The security was guaranteed 100%. What I saw down at the Tour this year was far more dangerous.

The decision to not use the Crostis was the result of other disagreements between the teams and the UCI. Contador never said, "I don't want to do it". His words were manipulated by those who had an interest in abolishing the Crostis."

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  1. "The decision to not use the Crostis was the result of other disagreements between the teams and the UCI."
    Wonder what this means?

  2. "Wonder what this means?"
    It means...the use of politics, plain and simple. Personally, I dislike Contador and I believe that given his past remarks and actions about stages, roads, other riders, tactics etc. I believe he basically said he did not really want to ride the Crostis- he is not what I would consider a 'tough' guy of the peloton by any stretch. He is gifted with athletic ability but unfortunately as a person he has some room to grow. He has exhibited selfish behavior, moaning and whining on a constant basis, as seems to be the case with some top-level Spanish athletes. Alonso comes to mind right away. Ronaldo is another example of this prevailing self-absorbed attitude. But I digress. Politics seem to play more of a part of commercial sporting endeavors than ever, because of the millions of dollars involved.

  3. Regarding the changes to the Giro, I somewhat disagree with Vegni. A grand Tour IS supposed to be very hard and very grueling. Making it easier, or "more Moderate" dilutes the intent and moves further away from its roots and its difficult history. Not to mention it has some undertones of how the progressive globalists have permeated male society and have watered down the tough and rugged aspects of men in general. I thought Zomegnan did a very admirable job of creating a challenging and difficult course- only to be critized by a contingent of 'boys' in the pro peloton. I think Angelo has helped to bring more awareness and visibility to the Giro as well. But again, politics have reared their ugly head in the cycling world.