Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Leadership at Giro d'Italia

After seven years as the head of the Giro d'Italia, Angelo Zomegnan has been replaced with a new structure to manage the race. Michael Acquarone, currently Direttore Generale of RCS Sports, assumes direct responsibility for the organizational structure. The management of the corsa rosa will be under Mauro Vegni who will be supported by two former former professional riders: Stefano Allocchio and Alessandro Giannelli. Marketing responsibilities for the Giro have been assigned to Marco Gobbi Pansana.

Zomegnan was thanked and recognized for his valuable contributions in recent years in which the prestige and importance of the Giro d'Italia expanded globally. He will maintain an office at RCS Sport and will work on special projects in a collaborative relationship with the Gazzetta dello Sport. It has been reported that he will become part of the organizing body for the World Championships, Road, in Florence in 2013.

Good luck Angelo! Thank you for raising the level of the Giro d'Italia to new heights.

Photo: Zomegnan (left) with Mauro Vegni

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