Saturday, December 29, 2007


Today was the coldest day we've had since we've been here, 2 years +. But, it was wonderfully sunny so I went for a solo rode at 9 a.m., mainly because no one else was at the starting point. Start time temperature was -6C. I rode along the Adige, to Parona, Pescantina, a short climb up to a plateau before the descent into Bardolino. Wednesday, Eros had told me that at this time of the year the focus should be on "agilita" (agility). So I was concentrating on spinning.

On the plateau a strong young guy blew by me and thoughts of spinning gave way to jumping on his wheel. Into the 52 I went and we were off. God, he was fast. I managed to stay on his wheel all the way to Bardolino. My HR was up there, confirmed when I arrived home. Eros had also made a point that when it's cold it's not a good idea to go into a bar and get too warm and then re-start. So, my espresso stop resembled more of a Formula 1 pit stop today. Departing the Tam Tam Coffee Bar (the current owners don't know where the name comes from) I saw a pro team followed by their team car whizzing by but I was too far to see who it was.

After that there was another short climb and I detoured onto a very narrow road which took me along a ridge which offered fantastic views of Lake Garda. I need to go back with my camera. I couldn't continue on this road is it became dirt and gravel. Thoughts turned to a cyclocross or mountain bike. A corner of our apartment already looks like a bike shop so I turned any ideas about that OFF. Monte Baldo, which runs along Lake Garda, has an extensive system of ride trails that would be nice to explore.

After that I maintained a steady pace all the way back to Verona. Nice day, nice ride. There are times I enjoy riding alone.

Total 3hr 17m
HR avg 128
HR max 203


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