Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can You Get a Cappuccino Like This?

It was cold this morning. But, it's Wednesday! The day we ride no matter what unless we can't see because of fog in the winter, or rain (it very rarely snows in Verona).

Morning temperature was -3C (27F) but it warmed up quickly due to it being a sunny and clear day. My first stop, before meeting up with the group, was to stop for a cappuccino. There are hundreds of coffee "bars" in Verona. One of the best is "TUBINO, l'amore per il caffe" on via Corso Porta Borsari; at its west end is one of the Roman city gates from A.D. first century, Porta Borsari ( probably because the so-called “Bursarii”, that is to say the tax collectors with bags, levied entry and exit tariffs on goods at this gate.)

Riding to the meeting point Eros passed me in his car and stopped to say hello. He gave me another cycling lesson: my winter jacket was too loose, he said it should be tight in order to keep me warm. He told me the same about my summer clothing during the summer so it can transfer the sweat. The message is : tight! Between loosing weight and the USA style of wearing somewhat loose cycling clothes I don't look quite the part here where things are worn very, very close.

Eight of us did the nice ride to Bardolino and finished the day with lunch at Boscomantico. Today I had pasta with a sauce made with crushed pistachio and almonds. Fantastic.

Hopefully, Saturday will be a beautiful day as well. Eros, along with Paolo Rosolo, has planned a get together at the main piazza of Bardolino for a BIG group photo and to celebrate the Christmas season with "vin brulee" (a hot mulled wine) and "pandoro" (a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread that is made here in Verona and is most popular around Christmas and New Year. Pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with a 8 points-star section).

Photos: my cappuccino, Porta Borsari, announcement for the Saturday ride.


  1. yes, that IS a beautiful cappacino! Is the dark decoration powder created by a decorative sifter or is it liquid?

    I'm doing some research for writing and am interested in your opinion about Italian cycling. I've been looking for an English speaker in Italy involved in cycling - so do you think we could corresponde via email or IM?

  2. I enjoy reading your blog from the San Francisco Bay area. You have convinced me to return to Italy with my bike. I own a Pegoretti, which is made in a small town I believe not far from Verona and I would like to tour the region. Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated. Please keep up with the variety of topics!

  3. Robert: search on Pegoretti in my blog and you'll find a 2 part story on my ride to visit him. You will also find another piece about his health problems which I'm happy to report he's recovering well from. I'll be making another visit within a few months.

  4. bethleasure: you can write to me at veronaman at thepopularinternetmail servicehostedbygoogle