Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Managed to get the last ride of the season in today. It was cold and sunny so I returned to the spot I found on my last ride overlooking Bardolino and Lake Garda, this time with my camera. After some MTBers passed me giving me some strange looks for being o the gravel road it was picture taking time. The lighting was perfect, for a few moments the sunlight reflected on the small harbor at Bardolino like a searchlight.

I am guestimating, based on Daniela's mileage, that this year ended with between 8,500 and 9,000 miles. Increasing my mileage is not going to be one of my resolutions. The big picture goal for next year is to continue to improve. That gets more difficult each year. Some thoughts about next year include:

-better quality training, difficult for me as I'm not the analytical type when it comes to training regimens

-enter more granfondos, mainly as a means of seeing other regions of Italy

-dedicate Tuesdays as a climbing day, with training on the Granfondo Avesani course as much as possible (because it's really hard)

-ride more often on Eros' Saturday morning ride, no cruising and espresso breaks

-use my heart rate monitor all the time, start recording data

-ride more in the areas east and north of Verona, the Soave zone

-do some research about Mario Confente who was from Verona, try to add something to the existing knowledge about his life

-go on the Eros Poli France trip to tackle more of the big and famous climbs of the Tour de France, and if I'm lucky go see another stage

-go on the Gruppo 1 annual tour, this year to Umbria

-persuade Gruppo 1 to put another big Italian climb on the calendar, this year we did the Stelvio

-help find sponsors for Gruppo 1, the club always needs extra income

-help my friend Dr. Francesco of hook up on some rides in the Princeton area when he visits NJ in July

Hope everyone has a nice New Year's Eve, and a great New Year!


  1. Hi, I note that you are interested in doing some Grand Fondos in other regions, if you want to try any in the North East you should drop me a line, I will be doing the following: "Corsa Per Haiti", "Carnia Classic" and "GF del Collio - Nord Est Marathon", You come across a good guy so you could probably stay at our house if required. In my opinion the Carnia Classic is the best one (have a look at ??? Decembers Cicloturismo magazine), the best part is that it's 9km from my house.
    Anyway this is my email address (decode it) peteUNDERSCOREcourtnadgeAThotmailDOTcom, feel free to contact me if you are interested.

  2. i am happy I could help you in one of your resolutions for this year!

  3. i am happy I could help you in one of your resolutions for this year!