Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ms. E's Chesini City Bike

Ms. E doesn't full around when it comes to bike purchases. During the summer Ms. E spotted this new old-style city bike (these things are immensely popular in Verona) in the Chesini window and before I knew it the buzzer was buzzing at our apartment for me to come downstairs.

It is so beautiful, with the Brooks saddle and Brooks leather grips, gold pin stripping and lettering, and chrome, she was afraid of leaving it in the open air cortile. So, I have to haul this believe-me-its-not a lightweight-bike up the stairs if its not going to be used for awhile. For whatever the shortcomings in weight the thing rides like a limousine on the cobbles. It's a single speed and she can carry almost anything on it.


  1. Angelo; just stumbled on to your blog. Love it. Enjoy the pics,too. It gives me something to dream about while I'm stuck on the trainer here in NJ/USA suffering through crappy weather.
    Forwarded your page to my club.

  2. Hi-- I stumbled upon this post while I was looking for Chesini touring/city bikes after I saw this one gorgeous Chesini shopper in a photo...but it's so difficult to find in the US! anyway I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog...I also live in NJ-- what bike shop did you purchase your Chesini from?

  3. Purchased at Chesini in Verona. The owners are my friends. If you need contact info my email address is at the end of every blog post.

    Also, see: