Thursday, December 3, 2009

Campagnolo Grease, It's Back!

Campagnolo professional lubricant grease, the famous "white grease" used at the industrial level for assembling Campagnolo components and wheels, is now available on the market.

Campagnolo decided to make this grease available based on the requests of many bike enthusiasts to be able to use a top level professional grease for servicing their bikes that is formulated and produced specially for bicycle maintenance, but which up to now was only available on the market in industrial sized packaging and therefore not accessible to individual customers.

Campagnolo professional lubricant grease is recommended for specific parts such as the steel or ceramic bearings and balls of wheels, cranksets, and derailleurs. Thanks to its special composition, it eliminates friction, maximises smoothness, protects from wear and tear, and prolongs the life of the mechanical parts of your bicycle.

Developed in collaboration with Kl├╝ber Lubrication, a leading producer of industrial lubricants, Campagnolo grease is available in 100 ml bottles.

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1 comment:

  1. BRAVI! Can't wait to get a tube or two. I still have a container of the famous 008TH spray lube that gets rationed very carefully. Even nowadays I'm amazed at how slippery that stuff is. Perhaps next they'll it back or maybe the "Superlative" that was sort of still-born a few years ago. (Disclaimer: Campagnolo is an "Official Supplier" to CycleItalia)