Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Campagnolo Triple: Dying Due to Innovations

CICLISMO magazine suggests that the Campagnolo triple is becoming meaningless in the marketplace due to the advent of compact cranksets and will increasingly become so with the introduction of the new 12-29 cassette for 11 speed groups.

They report that number of triple users has declined significantly each year since the introduction of compact cranksets and that this trend is expected to continue. Each year, new improvements at Campagnolo have been making the triple less relevant: the introduction last year of an 11 rear sprocket for 11 speed, and this year the introduction of the 12-29.

CICLISMO makes the point that a classic configuration for a triple (53-42-30) with a 13-29 sprocket set is very close in "development" at the ends of the ranges to a 50-34 with a 12-29. They also cite the advantages of the Campagnolo 11 speed compact crankset configuration: reduced weight, fewer overlapping ratios, and better Q factor.

They conclude, "Thanks to 11 speed technology and the new 12-29 cassette it seems the triple era is near an end....."

Photo: a Campagnolo Record triple crankset

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  1. Not certain about that. I think the granny gear on a triple does have its place...

    On a separate issue... is there anything as classy as a Campagnolo alloy crank?

    Buon natale!

  2. I have a Campagnolo Racing Triple on a touring bike and the range of gears (52-42-32/12-28) allows for a wide variation depending on the terrain or the loads. I use a compact crankset on my racing bike, however, and would not use a triple on that since the weight does not change much. And I agree that there is nothing as classy as a Campagnolo alloy crank, far prettier than the ones with carbon.

  3. The writing was on the wall when Campagnolo introduced Ultra-Torque with no triple versions. With 11-29 11-speed cassette and 50-34 double chainrings the range is about the same. I switched in 2009, trying it with 10-speed Veloce bits. Verdict -- for hilly terrain with some flats, it's just fine. For flat with some hills I still prefer my old triple setups with 30-42-52 and a 13-26 cassette. Luckily Campagnolo supports their groupsets (8 & 9 speed cassettes can still be had!)long into their advanced age so I won't need to switch my bikes used on flatter routes for many years. I do wish they'd bring back some more polished alloy stuff too, nobody does that better than Vicenza! (Disclaimer: Campagnolo is an official supplier to CycleItalia)

  4. No need to to spring for 11 speed to get 34-29 granny gear- it's available with 10 speed as well.

  5. I have three bikes all with campag triples, one of which has a bottom gear of 28t chainring with a 30t on the cassette. Beats a compact every time. Extra weight is next to nothing. Cheers.

  6. The Campy Veloce triple I have has been outfitted with a 24th granny (YES! you can put a 24th granny on the crank!) and with my bad knees that makes a huge difference on the steep hills around here. I also have a tourer with the Campy Record OR (!) offroad crank and believe it's not a useless crank!

  7. I bought a campagnolo centaur groupset triple in 2008. My ergo right side shiftier died in 2015. I tried to get a new shifter or parts for my old one. NO LUCK! they don't make or have any such item. Campy left me out in the cold! Fortunately my bike shop (Western Bikes of Portland Or.) was able to change it to 11sp triple with new chain rings. The cost was almost $500.00. Thanks Campy