Friday, December 11, 2009

Giro d'Italia Considers Start in Washington DC, Part V

Another step was taken this week towards bringing the Giro d'Italia to Washington D.C. in 2012. Two important meetings took place in Washington between a delegation from RCS Sport, led by Angelo Zomegnan, and Mayor Adrian Fenty and city authorities. Zomegnan presented Mayor Fenty with a pink jersey as a gift.

The two meetings followed the first meeting last Wednesday in which contacts with various agencies of tourism, sport and safety were established. Under a proposal presented to race organizers, the District would play host to an opening prologue and a first stage -- both of which would stay within the city's geographic boundaries. The prologue would likely take place around the District's federal monuments, while the first stage would be a circuit race with a finishing circuit around the federal core and a longer circuit weaving through the city's neighborhoods. There will be other preparatory meetings in early 2010 to arrive at an overall plan, including logistics, for this complex project.

Photo, left to right: Italian ambassador to the United States Giulio Terzi, Mayor Adrian Fenty, and Angelo Zomegan

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