Monday, December 21, 2009

Ivan Basso Trains with ELITE

The nice people at ELITE remind us that Team Liquigas trains with ELITE trainers and sent along this nice photo of Ivan Basso, and the following:

"During the winter months, in order to prepare for a new competitive season there are three basic components for a proper and productive workout: riding a bike on the roads (weather conditions permitting) should be combined with an indoor training program that includes pedalling on trainers and power building exercises in a gym using a weight training regimen.

Using rollers is fundamental not only for professionals, but also for amateurs and cycling tourists who don’t want to lose their game. The riders from Team Liquigas, one of the most outstanding formations from the Elite stables, know this better than anyone. During their recent retreat on the snows of Trentino, at the San Pellegrino Pass in Val di Fassa, they alternated outdoor activities (cycling, snowshoeing and alpine skiing) with a series of customized sessions on training machines provided by Elite.

For Ivan Basso, Franco Pellizotti, Vincezo Nibali, Roman Kreuziger and all the other riders of the team, this was their chance for a first hands-on test of the new Crono Power Fluid roller, the technological and design marvel introduced in the 2010 Elite collection. They also got to pedal on the unparalleled Realpower, the latest generation electronic trainer and the jewel in the crown of the Elite line; a machine that develops extraordinary power and is able to simulate gradients of up to 20%."

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