Sunday, December 27, 2009

SOMEC Revolution from Race Scene (U.K.)

Italian Cycling Journal reader Stephen from the U.K. writes to follow-up on the previous SOMEC story:

"I am sending you photographs I have taken of my new bici - it is a true Italian beauty and I believe the first in the UK. It is Somec's newest bike - the "Revolution" with a revolutionary carbon honeycomb construction. It is very light and unbelievably stiff - they state that the frame is 900 grams - and when fully built I believe it weighs in at around 6400 grams. Even after only the few miles I have managed to get out on it, in the depths of a British winter - I can already tell it is going to be an amazing machine. I've never ridden a bike where the only limitation is your strength and will. The group set is Record 11, the bars and stem white Deda Zero, the bar tape is black leather Eleganza by Stella Azzurra, the saddle is a San Marco Aspide which sits upon the integrated seat post; the wheels are probably Taiwanese but have been finished exquisitely by Stella Azzurra.

The process by Somec is meticulous. I bought the bike through Race Scene in Barnsley. They are qualified fitters. I was fitted by an ex-elite level cyclist at the shop, Glyn Shirley - known to everyone as Freddie. So I travelled up there and had a four hour fitting - the measurements were discussed and sent to Somec along with my paint requirements which were followed to the letter. I opted for red and white because they were the colours of my first proper road bike, an old Basso "Coral", and slightly less lettering than is the modern norm. I think the results are stunning!

The process took 8 weeks during which time I received lots of correspondence from Freddie updating me as to the progress. Somec are renowned for their painting skills and you may not know that there are two logos on a Somec bike - the first is the famous Cavallino Rampante - but under that is the tulip - which represents the many colours you can have for your new Somec."

Photos: by Stephen

I took a look at the Race Scene website and the shop sells an impressive collection of Italian bikes: SOMEC, Casati, Gios, Ciocc and Kuota (Kuota is designed in Italy). Their bike display is amazing. Take a look at Bravi!

The SOMEC website is

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