Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Milan-Sanremo Start List & Numbers

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Alessandro Petacchi, who won in 2005, has been suffering during the last few days from a bad cold and asthma attacks putting his start in jeopardy. However, he managed a 4 hour training ride today and communicated to team doctor Beltemacchi that he had no coughing fits and no asthma attacks. His cold symptoms are still quite strong but he attends to be at the start with team mates Bole, Bono, Gavazzi, Hondo, Mori, Scarponi and Ulissi.

The 298 Km classic, one of the "monuments", is Saturday.

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  1. Every night this week RAI Sport 2 has had 4 hours of footage of past MIlano-San Remo races (from black and white film racing on dirt roads, through Coppi, Merckx, right up to the current decade. Great show!
    The race will be Saturday 19 March.