Monday, March 28, 2011

Giovanni Visconti's Bike Stolen

Italian national champion Giovanni Visconti's "Cipollini RB1000", in the one-off Italian championship colors, was stolen out of his car today in Vicenza. The precautions to park the car in front of the reception of the hotel and to cover the bike that was in the trunk were not enough to deter the thieves that broke through the glass to get in.

It's (another) reminder that you do have to be careful about your bike. Bikes do get stolen in Italy.

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1 comment:

  1. Sad news. Who will end up with this bike? Anyone willing to pay top-price will certainly know this bike is stolen goods. Unless there are replicas being sold, anyone showing up for a ride on this will instantly get ID'd either as a thief or simply an idiot! It's like art theft, is there a wealthy individual who'll hide this away on their estate and show it only to fellow criminals/bike lovers? Larry's generally a pacifist but thinks bike thieves should be beaten with a Campagnolo Super Record crankset - with the chainrings attached!