Thursday, March 17, 2011

2012 Campagnolo Athena and Centaur, and CX

News from Vicenza:

ATHENA 2012: will be available in the new DEEP BLACK version

In 2012 the Athena groupset will be available in a new version called Deep Black, added to the Bright Silver version already presented for the 2011 range.
Available options will include the Ergopower controls in carbon with core in light alloy and the full carbon crankset, in the standard and compact versions.

Athena 2012 retains all the technical and performance characteristics of the 2011 version.

CENTAUR 2012: available in the DEEP BLACK and BLACK & RED versions

The Centaur has a new look, and for 2012 it's proposed in two versions: Deep Black and Black & Red.

The new Black & Red version has been created based on a special treatment for the finish of certain parts that make the groupset sportier and more aggressive. The Deep Black version is sophisticated and refined thanks to a special finish. Available options will include the Ergopower controls in carbon with core in light alloy and the full carbon crankset, in the standard and compact versions.

The Centaur 2012 retains all the technical and performance characteristics developed for the 2011 version.

For cyclocross Campagnolo is introducing two products, cantilever brakes and a full carbon high profile wheel.


The new Campagnolo cyclocross cantilever brakes have been specially developed to interact perfectly with the Campagnolo Ergopower 10-speed and 11-speed controls.
The form of the brakes is optimised to guarantee the best transfer of braking force from the levers to the wheel and to prevent mud from accumulating between the wheel and the brakes.

The brake pads are adjustable and the distance between breaking pads ranges from 20 mm to 35 mm, which makes it possible to use tires ranging from 19 to 35 mm and rims from 19 to 22 mm.

Cable tension adjustment is fast and precise using a wheel system.

The weight of the CX cantilever brakes is only 138 grams (weight including cables and accessories).

The CX cantilever brake will be available in two versions, black and silver.


The new Campagnolo Bora One CX wheels are dedicated to the most assiduous riders, who confront cyclocross competitions during the winter season.

Thanks to the 50mm profile, Bora CX wheels reduce mud accumulation to the minimum.
Light and reactive, they allow you to be extremely fast on any type of terrain.
The use of a special double seal, specially designed for cyclocross use, protects the wheels from mud and dust, guaranteeing that the performance features are maintained over time.

The Bora CX wheels weigh 1350 grams.

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  1. Hmm, anyone know of a road fork with cantilever mounts wide enough for fat tires? With these cantilever brakes I could run tires suitable for dirt roads- this would open up many more climbs around here.

  2. Larry's got a 'cross bike for this purpose, though it mostly gets used on wet and sloppy paved roads. He's happy he can now replace the S-company canti brakes currently on it with Campagnolo.

  3. "... Athena 2012 retains all the technical and performance characteristics of the 2011 version".
    That means it remains a downgrade compared to 2010 Athena. The ergopower levers only allow one gear downshift in rear dérailleur and half (!) in front dérailleur (yes, you need two shifts to go from big to small chainring!)... Also, Power Torque 2011 is the system used in cheaper groupsets (Veloce etc), when the more expensive Chorus, Record 2011 utilize Ultra Torque (as did Athena 2010). Forget Athena 2011-2012, go for Chorus for budget 11 gear groupset (at least for levers and crankset...)

  4. You're correct Haris. Sadly,it seems even Campagnolo has a "product cheapening department" tasked with trying to make Campagnolo components price-competitive against competitors who make their stuff in low-wage countries outside the EU. While we'd prefer the old model, where all the groups were equally durable and had mostly the same insides - the major differences being more exotic materials and lower weights as you went up the line in price, today's market does not seem to allow this.

  5. Larry and Heather, you are so right! Unfortunately, I bought a bike with Athena 2011 without knowing the difference... It was only when I tried a friend's bike with Athena 2010 that I realized the hokey-pokey... And, you know what, they cheapened the product without even lowering it's price...

  6. Don't know where you live. but for Campagnolo in places like the USA, it's a battle just to keep from raising prices when the US dollar falls against the Euro while Chinese currency is pegged to stay more or less the same. Can someone explain why the other S-company's (the one with the four-letter name)top-of-the-line group costs almost as much as Campagnolo Record (or Super Record)despite being made in China? There must be some HUGE profits there!