Thursday, March 10, 2011

Five Minutes with Herbie Sykes, Author of "The Maglia Rosa "

We previously reported that Herbie Sykes has a new book, Maglia Rosa – Triumph and tragedy at the Giro d’Italia, that is available from Rouleur (see story here).

My friend Simon, over at La Gazzetta della Bici, has a nice interview with Sykes that you should read. There are also several photos of what must be the extremely limited edition in which photographs have been autographed, Francesco Moser in this case:
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  1. Ciao Angelo, Como stai?.. I cant wait to check out Maglia Rosa..
    also wanted to know if you would be kind enough to mention my new Cyclist Cafe/Cinema on Eastern Long Island. We are streaming Tirreno and Pari Nice.. and Cinema Nites everry FRiday seating..or bring your own chair.. This week HUgo KOblet: Pedaleur:Charme
    hope you are well.. and riding strong..

    Willy ( aka Liam
    Velocipede Cyclery, Cafe & Cinema