Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GIOS, Re-inventing Itself, Part II

Alfredo Gios has contacted me to correct inaccuracies which were posted in "GIOS, Re-inventing Itself" article. As he said, the items contained therein did not correspond with the truth. Please note that I have updated the original article with the corrected information as below.

First, he points out that regarding the legal case in which GIOS was involved in that this case was won on behalf of GIOS in the Italian courts. GIOS also won a decision in the Belgian courts but that particular decision was overturned upon an appeal. Subsequently an agreement was reached between both parties.

Second, there is no truth to any story about financial difficulties at GIOS at any time.

Third, the GIOS 2010 catalog represents 36 models, over half of which are special racing models conceived and designed by him, Alfredo Gios, in Italy.

My thanks to Alfredo Gios for the corrections.

GIOS is a great brand which I'm sure everyone is happy to know continues its long traditions.

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  1. W Gios! A few years back I was in Piemonte and an older guy rode past on what looked like a classic, blue Gios Torino bike. I yelled out "bella bici" and the guy turned around and came back! It was a totally original (except for saddle) 70/80's era bike complete with pantographed Campagnolo Super Record parts. The gentlemen explained he'd purchased it directly from Gios "back-in-the-day" asking for the top-of-the-line machine which he's kept and ridden to this day. He was wearing a baseball cap (I hate these, they have nothing to do with cycling, why do teams put their names on them?) so I fished out a proper CycleItalia CYCLING cap to place on his head. He attached the ball cap to the handlebars, thanked me and pedaled away. I have a Torelli bike in what is very close to Gios blue and I think of the storied history of the Brooklyn team every time I look at it. It's wonderful to see them continue!