Thursday, September 16, 2010

2012 Giro d'Italia: Start and Finish

ICJ reader "Zabriskie's Stache" wrote in Tuesday:

"Hi from Washington, DC!

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty appears likely to lose re-election today. That spells bad things for the possibility of Giro 2012 beginning here. Fenty is a cycling enthusiast and the (likely) next mayor, Vincent Gray, would probably not show the same sort of drive to secure the event.

I knew it was too good to be true!"

Indeed, on Tuesday, in Washington D.C.'s mayoral primary election Fenty (above in pink jersey with Giro director Angelo Zomegan to his left) lost to Vince Gray. "Washington, D.C., is doing some fantastic things right now, and we both want those fantastic things to continue," said Fenty.

Now we will have to wait and see if among those "fantastic things" that will survive will be the Giro d'Italia start.

The Giro finish will be returning to Milan in 2011 after having a fantastic conclusion in the L'Arena of Verona this year. The Giro will conclude next year in the Piazza Duomo. For 2012 the Milan l'assessore comunale allo Sport (city counselor for Sports) has a dream: to have the Giro finish in the Vigorelli veldrome. He will be meeting in the next few days with the FCI (Italian cycling federation) to discuss the plan to invest 10 million euro to renovate the Vigorelli.

In 2007 a 50 million euro project was proposed for a new, covered, Vigorelli that was going to take three years to build. That project was never started.

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