Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RadioShack Added to Giro di Lombardia

“RCS Sport has been given the green light from the Presidents of the UCI and CUPT – Pat McQuaid and Vittorio Adorni, respectively – to bring to 26 the number of teams participating in the race on October 16th,” read a statement from the organizers. And, thus RadioShack has been added to the original list of invited teams and has said it will participate.

The original list included 25 teams which would be composed of 8 riders each. The UCI permission to include RadioShack as the 26th team requires that the overall number of riders still does not exceed 200.

That requirement would force some teams to start with a smaller team which strikes me as a significant disadvantage. How would a requirement such as this be applied fairly? Opinions?

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1 comment:

  1. All teams should be limited to 7 riders each if 26 teams will be allowed to participate with a field limit of 200. The Shackstrong team was very active at the recent race in Montreal so let's hope they justify all the whining about being excluded from Lombardia with some attacking now that they'll be allowed to race!