Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEVI: "Kinetic Energy Recovery" MTB

NEVI is a smaller, but well known, framebuilder from Chiuduno (BG) that specializes in titanium. Both road and mtb models are available. NEVI has just announced a prototype of a mtb using kinetic energy recovery to assist in pedaling. Here is what NEVI has to say:

"The Nevi Bi-KER mountain bike prototype demonstrates the integration of electric energy with the handling and simplicity of a bicycle. Extreme lightness, tight and steep single-track capability, walk-upstairs and car roof rack convenience, set it apart from the electric moped characteristics of current electric bikes.

Technical Description

Nevi grade 5 and grade 9 titanium frame with integrated electric powertrain and battery housing, tracking-truss fork, belt-drive, tension adjustment dropouts with post-mount rear caliper. Frame design makes size customization possible, and maintains best bicycle balance and thus handling

Specifically developed Mavel three-phase electric motor, control and power electronics

Kinetic Energy Recovery electric braking and selective coasting function, and energy recovery whenever a higher heart-rate is desired – innovative ways of extending electric assist range

Patented lightweight drivetrain precision machined by Cobi

Control logic concept with Torqrank torque-feedback, heart-rate based programming, and uphill launch control

Compatibility with fixed-gear, multispeed rear hubs to multiply output torque and obtain desired pedaling cadence"


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