Friday, September 10, 2010

3T Cycling Revives Gimondi Bar/Stem for 50th Anniversary

Nice note from 3T Cycling:

"We thought you should be the first to see the attached.

We created the Competizione Gimondi anniversary bar and stem in response to the huge interest in the the one-off display item at Eurobike.

Sure there are still lots of NOS 3TTT alloy bars and stems in shops, but they are all late-90s patterns. As far as we know, nobody else is making this pattern bend, as ridden by the campionissimo! And none of them for sure has the 50th anniversary 3T logo.

Which do you think will appeal more, the Classic Polished or the Anniversary Gold?

Orders being taken now...!

Love the blog, by the way."

We recently wrote about 3T's new META crankset, also introduced at Eurobike. It's nice to see the classic bars and stem returning for the 50th anniversary of 3T (TTT, 3TTT).

The company also announced at Eurobike that it is changing its name from new3T to 3T Cycling. 3T located in Madone, near Milano, was originally known as 3TTT — Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology). The firm was founded by Mario Dedioniggi in Torino in 1961. Dedioniggi was skilled at manipulating and bending steel tubes to fabricate the lightweight handlebars desired by racing cyclists, and Italian professional riders were among 3T’s first customers. The company became new3T in 2007 and switched production to carbon-fiber composite materials, and in 2008 it returned to pro cycling after several years' absence. For the 2008 season it sponsored the CSC team, which won the Tour de France.

The new3T Cycling website is

Photos: click to enlarge

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  1. Cool! Are these Made-in-Italy? Are my eyes bad or is the photo in the ad Gino Bartali instead of Felice Gimondi?

  2. Classic polished all the way. I wish people would see the beauty and utility of classic components and not be swept away by the latest bling. If only we could get Campagnolo to do the same!