Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Team Behind the Team

Let's take a look at the organization behind the Lampre-ISD riders, for the approximately 30 riders there are 32 in the supporting team:

General Manager Giuseppe Saronni (yes, the same Saronni that in 1982 he won the World Cycling Championship at Goodwood House, England, beating American Greg LeMond and Ireland's Sean Kelly)

Medical staff: led by Doctor Guardascione, will include Doctor Beltemacchi, Doctor De Grandi, Doctor Pollastri and Doctor Ronch

Technical staff: coordinated by Roberto Damiani, will include sport directors Bogdan Bondariew, Fabrizio Bontempi, Sandro Lerici, Orlando Maini, Maurizio Piovani and Bruno Vicino

Mechanics: the care of the team's Wilier bikes are the responsibility of mechanics Baron, Bortoluzzo, Carminati, Gaia, Kunchenko, Pengo and RomanĂ²

Communications managers: Andrea Appiani and Carlo Saronni

Massage therapists: Bertolone, Bolzonaro, Borgognoni, Capelli, Della Torre, Inselvini, Napolitano and Varalli

Team bus driver: Ezio Bozzolo

Team secretary: Rosita Formenti

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