Monday, November 28, 2011

Sidi Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice

The winning partnership between Sidi Sport and Liquigas Sport continues. Once again Sidi Sport shoes will be used by Liquigas-Cannondale.

Ivan Basso, Vincenzo Nibali and all the other riders from the Liquigas-Cannondale team will be supplied with the new Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice and the Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite model, shoes from the top of the line in the Sidi Sport collection for the road sector.

The new Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice is the shoe which is the new top model for 2012. For Liquigas Cannondale, Sidi chose to produce this shoe in special colors. Dino Signori (right), founder and owner of Sidi Sport, and his daughter Rosella presented the new shoes to Team Manager Roberto Amadio with the Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice in special graphics dedicated exclusively to the team. These special graphics were custom made for the team and are not available in stores.

The Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice is lighter and more resistant than ever, made in Lorica® microfiber, patent leather and nylon mesh in a mix of technology and design. For the first time the shoe features graphics printed both on the external uppers as well as inside the shoe for an even more attractive look. The Vent sole in carbon features an air flow mechanism that guarantees major breathability for the foot.

The shoes were presented during the dinner organized by Sidi Sport to celebrate San Crispino, the "Protective Saint of Shoemakers".

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  1. Protective saint of shoemakers? Ya gotta love Italy where it seems a saint looks out for everyone, including cyclists. Despite being agnostic we carry our Madonna del Ghisallo cards with us while cycling - one never knows when having the right card might come in handy.