Friday, April 20, 2007

A Chapter Closes on the "Delle Fogge" of Eros Poli

Last night a meeting place for all cyclists in Verona changed hands. Eros Poli has sold his bar, "Delle Fogge", in the historic center of Verona. All through the evening friends were stopping in to drink champagne and wish Eros well.

Eros is getting re-involved in the cycling world which he loves so much. He has two tours organized for June to climb some of the mythic climbs (ones he has raced on many times) of the Tour de France and is starting up a cycling tour business. See . If you know anyone that is thinking of a bike tour in Italy pass the word along about Eros' tours. He's a great guy, entertaining, and of course has an incredible amount of knowledge about all things cycling. It would be a REAL Italian cycling experience.

Photos: Eros Poli and family, the last night at his bar

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  1. Eros is a very good guy.
    We were teammate back in 1987 at "Opel Vighini Venera" with Billy Ceresoli as direttore sportivo. Long time ago.. great memories...