Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Raduno start, Porta Palio, Verona

Verona is a fortified city, with 2,000 years of construction of fortifications throughout the city. The urban town wall has a length of nine kilometres and takes up almost 250 acres (100 hectares) with its towers, curtains, bastions, earthworks and ditches. Outside the city town wall there are thirty-one forts, nineteen of which still exist.

Historically speaking, the first town wall in Verona was built by the Romans (Ist-IIIrd centuries) and during the period of the medieval communes (XIIth-XIIIth centuries). Cangrande I of the Scala family added a hill city wall which was later included in following fortification works.

The Venetian period saw a radical transformation of the pre-existing defences during the XVth and XVIth centuries. It was between 1520 and 1578 that Michele Sanmicheli built the three monumental urban gates “Porta Nuova” (1535), “Porta San Zeno” (1538-40) and “Porta Palio(1547-57).
An excellent website to learn more about the fortifications of Verona is

One of the many differences between the cycling cultures of the U.S.A. and Italy is that in Italy when there is a club ride, or participation in any kind of event, everyone wears their club kits.

Photos: Gruppo 1 at Porta Palio raduno; you can see a part of the wall fortification in the background of the first photo.

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