Thursday, April 19, 2007

Starting Richard Sachs S&S build

I am finally getting started on the build of my beautiful Richard Sachs with S&S couplers. I bought it on ebay (great price, right size, didn't have to wait 4 years and Richie himself installed the couplers). The paint is by Joe Bell. This bike fits into a suitcase that meets airline dimensions so there are no extra charges and none of the hassles that go along with dealing with oversize luggage on flights or trains. While many local and regional trains do allow bikes, the high speed, more comfortable trains do not. I'm interested in participating in more Granfondos around Italy, Radmarathons in Austria and Germany, so this will make it very easy. Ms. E can be sightseeing and shopping while I'm getting hammered.

I'm going to build it up with Campagnolo Centaur (because it comes in silver), strong 36 spoke wheels on new Campy Record hubs, and classic Cinelli stem and handlebar.

Photo: my Richard Sachs bike before coming to Italy; travel case it fits in.


  1. Angelo

    I am enjoying your blog. I have a Curt Goodrich with S&S couplers and brought it to Italy last year for a tour thru Tuscany. You will enjoy being able to take your own bike with you.



  2. Thank you. Curt makes beautiful bikes, "artignale" as they say here.